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Chanthaburi Gem Market

Exploring the Gem Trade in Thailand:

Chanthaburi Gem Market and The Jewelry Trade Center (JTC) in Bangkok

Thailand is renowned for its vibrant gem trade, and two of the most prominent hubs in the country are, the Chanthaburi Gem Market and The Jewelry Trade Center (JTC) in Bangkok.
Both locations are essential destinations for gem enthusiasts, traders, and jewelry designers from around the world.

Chanthaburi Gem Market

Nestled in the eastern part of Thailand, Chanthaburi is a city that has long been synonymous with gemstones.

The Chanthaburi Gem Market is a bustling hub where traders and buyers converge to trade a dazzling array of gemstones.

Known for its friendly atmosphere and extensive selection, the market operates primarily on weekends, attracting both local and international buyers.
The market offers a unique glimpse into the gem trade, where one can find everything from rough stones to exquisitely cut gems. Rubies and sapphires are particularly prominent, reflecting the region’s rich mining history.

Visitors to Chanthaburi can not only purchase gemstones but also witness the intricate process of cutting and polishing that transforms raw stones into sparkling jewels.
Chanthaburi Gem Market
Chanthaburi Gem Market
Chanthaburi Gem Market1
Chanthaburi Gem Market
Chanthaburi Gem Market3
Chanthaburi Gem Market

The Jewelry Trade Center (JTC) in Bangkok

Located in the heart of Bangkok, The Jewelry Trade Center (JTC) is a modern skyscraper dedicated to the gem and jewelry industry. Standing tall in the bustling Silom district, the JTC is home to numerous gem and jewelry businesses, including wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers.
The JTC offers a comprehensive range of services for gem traders and jewelry designers. The building houses state-of-the-art laboratories for gem testing and certification, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the stones. With its extensive selection of gemstones, diamonds, and fine jewelry, the JTC is a one-stop destination for those seeking high-quality pieces.
Additionally, the JTC frequently hosts exhibitions and trade shows, providing a platform for industry professionals to showcase their latest designs and innovations. These events are a testament to Bangkok’s status as a global center for the gem and jewelry trade.

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